8″ Free Runner Diamond Kid

What better way to end the week. Introducing my first custom Kidrobot mascot. Free Runner Diamond Kid. Caught in action, perfectly balanced on one hand and spraying the town with the other.

Free Runner Diamond Kid Is available for grabs here. Limited to 5. These are hand crafted and painted. Some minor differences are expected.

Diamond Kid Ninja

Because of Huck Gee and Beast Brothers Royal Guard Skullendario Azteca release on April 20th, I’ve desides to delay the release of my latest custom until March 1st. I know all eyes will be on the Royal Guard. This is my first KR Mascot custom and I have to say I think it’s one of my best. It has been extremely challenging and I want everyone to notice it and hopefully appreciate it. So stay tuned, mark your calendar, follow this blog and connect with me on Facebook.

7″ Diamond Ninja War Machine

This weekend only, weekend of April 7, the Diamond Ninja War Machine will be on sale for $150 each. Limited to 3. Get it here!

Diamond Ninja War Machine is armored and ready for war. Being creative artist of the streets, their armor suits protect them from the enemies who are blinded by beautiful street art.