DesignerCon 2014


DesignerCon was a slam dunk! I was very excited to release my latest “B-Boy Muerte” and got to meet old friends and meet new ones. Much thanks for KUSO Vinyl for hosting me and my B-Boy. Next year I will have my own booth! No more commission work, just going to focus on my own art to have plenty of product.

New York Comic-Con

comic-con-tony-gilWhat’s up New York Comic-Con. I’m looking forward to meeting ya’ll. I’ll be dropping some new stuff at booth 208. Come say whazup!

Special thanks to TenaciousToys for making this happen.


The Riddler

The Riddler

I typically don’t design existing character but for this commission piece and couldn’t resist. The riddler is one of my favorite characters.

Dia de Los Muertos Free Runner

As we reached the middle of November I couldn’t help but to create this “Dia de Los Muertos Diamond Free Runner” in celebrating November 2nd Dia de Los Muertos. I wasn’t sure if I wanted to put him up for grabs but I gotta say, I was honored to and flattered to see how fast he was swept away. Now he lives in his new home all the way in the land down under, Australia. Thank you to all my fans. You guys keep me inspired and motivated.